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Submission of files from TraiNet to VCS to obtain DS 2019 form for U.S.-based programs

USAID Exchange Visitor Visa Compliance, TraiNet/VCS and ADS Training - New Dates Announced For April, May and June 2014
  • USAID offers periodic training workshops on policies, procedures, and systems for Exchanges & Participant Training and Visa Compliance which are open to all USAID staff and implementing partner staff especially those who are stakeholders in the implementation of USAID Exchange Visitor or Participant Training activities. The sessions are offered free of charge and are located at the USAID Washington Learning Center (WLC), in Arlington, VA. The training workshops take place over two days and cover USAID participant training and visa compliance policies and best-practices (ADS 252 and ADS 253) and a hands-on tutorial of the TraiNet and Visa Compliance Systems. Virtual training workshops may also be arranged upon request.

    See Trainet Help Site for details.

USAID Exchanges and Participant Training team (AID/E3/ED/HEWT) has re-issued Form AID 1381-6
  • The USAID Exchanges and Participant Training team (AID/E3/ED/HEWT) has re-issued Form AID 1381-6, Conditions of Sponsorship for U.S.-Based Activities (see ADS 252.3.6), to make the form fully applicable to all U.S.-based activities, regardless of the USAID-sponsored traveler's visa type. This agreement between USAID and the sponsored traveler continues to fully reference the Exchange Visitor J-1 visa, as appropriate, but is now also applicable to travelers who have received an exception to USAID's policy regarding use of the J-1 visa (see ADS 252.3.1).

    Form AID 1381-6 (USAID Internal / External)

USAID REVISED Interim Agency Guidance Related to Exchange Visitor U.S. Taxes
  • USAID's Exchanges and Participant Training Team (E3/ED/HEWT) would like to announce the establishment of a new purpose-specific email address, ITIN@USAID.GOV, for all email communications regarding Exchange Visitor (EV) Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN). This purpose-specific USAID email account has been established to help improve and streamline our processing of W-7 submission requests. All emails regarding EV ITINs are now to be sent to ITIN@USAID.GOV.

    See Trainet Help Site for more details.

Participant Training Data Entry and Documentation
  • Please read this notice in it's entirety as the information for each level of responsibility will help you to understand why data must be entered so precisely and why each level of review is so critical.

    Recent events in Boston are bringing student visas into greater visibility within the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Congress. If you are modifying the end date of a program you must tick the box for a reprint. Updated forms are corrected within the Homeland Security database once submitted but you will only get a new form if you ask for one, they do not reprint automatically. You are also reminded that the implementer is responsible for making a copy of the DS 2019 and uploading it to VCS.

    Click here to access the message details.

R1.s, R2.s and R3.s: Two new documents for your immediate attention. The newly revised ADS 253 and Conditions of Sponsorship form for U.S. activities is available from the links provided below.

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